Apply to Work with Us

First thing's first, inquire about working with us. You'll submit a form on our website, and we'll review your skill set and background to determine whether you're a good fit for our clients.

Setting Up Your Margo Account

After we reach out, we'll send an invite to join the margo freelancer network. Click the link in the email to accept the invitation, and you'll be prompted to create your profile.

Navigate to "Profile Settings" from the dropdown in the top right corner, and enter your name, preferred pronouns (she/her, he/his, they/them,) a bio, and location. Here you can also add a signature that will be used for signing the contracts that you send to clients. Once you've filled out the basics, you'll scroll down to manage your public information.

If you need more specific fields, feel free to reach out to [email protected], or use the chat function on the website.

Publishing Your Profile

If you want some more time to work on this profile, be sure to click "Private" on your visibility to keep your listing hidden.

Then go through and select what services you offer. These range from writing, design, development, and more. Next, you'll choose what industries you've served. This helps to give clients an idea of the areas you're familiar with. Note what types of projects you're available for, like blogging, design, photography, etc. In the attachments you can add examples of past work.

Before you take your profile live, you'll need to be sure to click the blue button in the upper right-hand corner to "Connect Stripe." This is how you'll get paid!

On the left side, you can select "Preview" to view your profile as a potential client would, and spot-check your details.

Set your profile to "Public", and you're all set!

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